Collection: Dog boxes and spare parts

Safe travel for all passengers!

Safety and comfort for you and your four-legged companion.
When it comes to transporting your beloved dog, his safety comes first. With the dog boxes from Kleinmetall you can travel with peace of mind because they offer maximum safety and comfort for your four-legged friend.

Guide to dog transport boxes

Kleinmetall VarioCage and Multicage dog boxes are not only high-quality and durable products, but are also among the safest dog boxes in the world. These boxes have been carefully designed to ensure the safety of both the animal and the occupants.
One of the most important aspects of developing these dog crates was conducting crash tests. Each box was rigorously tested for its resilience in various accident scenarios. Testers used specialized techniques and precise measuring instruments to determine whether the dog crates could withstand the extreme forces that can occur in an accident.

The results of these tests were impressive. The Kleinmetall VarioCage and Multicage dog crates have proven that they can withstand even the harshest impacts and vibrations. They are designed to ensure the dog's safety during an accident and minimize the risk of injury.

The materials used are of the highest quality and provide a stable and safe environment for the dog. The dog crates are made from durable steel that has been specially treated to be rust resistant. This not only ensures a long service life for the dog crate, but also reliable safety for your pet.

Another safety feature of these dog crates is the unique locking system. The box doors are equipped with special locks that cannot be opened even in the event of strong shocks. This prevents your dog from jumping out of the box while driving and causing injuries. At the same time, opening the dog box is easy and hassle-free for the driver or passengers.

The Kleinmetall VarioCage and Multicage dog boxes are not only valued by private individuals, but are also used by emergency services and police units worldwide. These crates meet the highest safety standards and provide a trustworthy environment for your dog.

Overall, the Kleinmetall VarioCage and Multicage dog crates offer a combination of first-class quality, long service life and exceptional safety. They are the result of careful research and development as well as demanding crash tests. If you are looking for the safest dog crate, then the Kleinmetall VarioCage and Multicage dog crates are definitely the right choice for you and your loyal four-legged friend.