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gift card

gift card


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The gift voucher

Buy voucher

  1. Set the desired value of your voucher
  2. Your gift voucher will be created individually and placed in your shopping cart
  3. Pay for the voucher using our offered payment methods
  4. Your personal voucher will be sent to you free of charge by email
  5. Now you can give the voucher as a gift or simply redeem it yourself

redeem voucher

  1. Place your desired items in the shopping cart and proceed to checkout
  2. At checkout click on “Redeem voucher”
  3. Enter your voucher code now
  4. Your personal voucher value will be deducted from the payment amount
  5. If there is any remaining credit, it is still valid


  1. Multiple individual vouchers cannot be redeemed together in one order
  2. Vouchers cannot be combined with other discount campaigns
  3. Gift vouchers cannot be paid out in cash. Remaining balance on gift vouchers cannot be refunded either
  4. Vouchers do not bear interest
  5. Gift vouchers cannot be returned
  6. Validity: 3 years

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