Dog crate guide

Guide for Kleinmetall VarioCage and Multicage dog boxes

A high-quality dog ​​crate is an essential accessory for every dog ​​and car owner. With its VarioCage and MultiCage dog boxes, Kleinmetall offers a wide range of high-quality and safe dog boxes. In this guide we give you information and tips on how to choose and use the right dog crate for your four-legged friend.

  • Safety first: The most important feature of a dog crate is safety. Kleinmetall dog boxes are characterized by their particularly stable construction, which protects your dog in the event of an accident. Make sure that the box has a sturdy lock and can be easily attached to the car.
  • Choose the right size: To provide your dog with maximum comfort, it is important to choose the right size dog crate. Measure your dog carefully to determine the optimal size. Please use our measuring instructions for dogs. Your dog should have enough space to sit upright and lie down comfortably. It should also be noted that not every box size fits every vehicle model. Use our practical parts finder to display compatible products for your vehicle model.
  • Material: Kleinmetall uses high-quality materials such as sturdy steel and aluminum for its dog boxes. These materials are durable and reliably protect your dog. Pay attention to good workmanship to ensure a long service life of the dog crate.
  • Practical functions: Many Kleinmetall dog crates have practical functions such as a removable divider, which allows the crate to be used for multiple dogs or to adjust the space as needed. An easy-to-clean surface is also advantageous in order to be able to remove dirt quickly and easily.
    • Secure the box securely in the car: To ensure your dog's safety while driving, it is important to secure the dog box securely in the car. The Kleinmetall dog boxes are attached to the lashing eyes of your vehicle with tension straps. Make sure that the box is firm and stable and does not move while driving.
    • Get your dog used to the crate slowly: Some dogs are a little anxious or restless at first when they are put in a new environment such as a dog crate. Get your dog used to the crate slowly by associating him with it in a positive way. For example, put toys or treats in the box so that he goes in voluntarily. Let your dog have a positive experience with the crate while traveling by taking short trips.

    With a Kleinmetall VarioCage or MultiCage dog box you have a reliable and safe solution for transporting your dog in the car. Pay attention to the points mentioned and you and your dog will have a pleasant and safe journey.

    The VarioCage dog crate is one of the safest dog crates in the world!